Foreign VAT refund

Romanian companies that do foreign expenditure in foreign country may request reimbursement of the value added tax (VAT), according to European legislation. After joining the European Union, VAT refund can be claimed for 36 countries.
Generally, this process can be laborious, requiring direct addressing of foreign tax authorities or the Chamber of Commerce in Romania. So you do not waste your valuable time, we as a company specializing in the recovery of VAT, we're happy to do it for you professionally, efficiently and as quickly as possible.
After an extensive collaboration with an Italian company that has over 25 years experience in this field, we believe that we are able to solve your applications in record time, being experts regarding bureaucratic procedures required for foreign VAT refund by reducing the minimum time for the receipt of money.
We perform foreign VAT refund in the following areas:

• Road transport

• Hiring of booths at fairs, showrooms and exhibitions in the European Union

• Car races and motorcycle races

In addition to reimbursement of VAT we also deal with the return of a portion of the fuel excise duty levied by some states of the European Union (Belgium, France, Italy, Slovenia)

In case you want to call one of our services, please contact us or register and you will be contacted by an operator who will inform you according to your requirements.